Yay! Thanks so much for adding your name to the list. I’m so glad you’ll be following along on my 30 paintings in 30 days journey this September. It’s always more fun with friends. 

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Painting Longhorns

“Gorgeous! Love everything in that painting! The cactus, cattle, tree, and bluebonnets!”  KW

“I’ve seen my fair share of large format, sweeping photographs of Enchanted Rock & similar Texas landscapes,
but they’re never quite able to capture the breathtaking depth of color & light that you witness in person. 
Your paintings are the truest rendering of home I’ve ever seen.” —LW

“Stampeding buffalo thunder straight on. Johnson’s landscape and charging horses bring
the artwork of Charles Russell, Frederic Remington and John Ford movie westerns to mind.” —Camille Powell, BookMoot