Hi – I’m Layne Johnson. I’m an artist and I make things up. Seriously.  ; ~ >

The North Wind over London.

I believe . . . Art is a doorway to our most creative selves, giving us the power to enrich our lives. I also believe everyone should have something they’re passionate about.

I had a pretty normal childhood. Honest! I liked to make things and break things. I still do. (Hey, I am a boy!)

By the time I was 12, I was drooling over artist paint. I even painted the Battle of Midway on my bedroom wall! My mom had painted a couple of paint-by-number paintings. Remember those? They intrigued me.

Before long I used my allowance to buy my first art supplies and did my first landscape painting. I couldn’t understand how it took so long for oil paint to dry (I used linseed oil as a blender!) The world was in front of me and I painted up a storm. I still associate the smell of linseed oil to those early days.

I went on to college and earned a BFA. I spent my early career in advertising and corporate design. I did storyboards for TV commercials, posters for musicals, billboards for radio stations, advertisements for Coca Cola and so much more.

Since I lived in Houston, I also did lots of work for the oil industry and the medical industry. My son was born during those years and grew up surrounded by art.

While it was rewarding work—the older I got, the more my heart began to grow restless for something more meaningful… Although I was very busy and successful, that kind of art is short lived. I also wasn’t really creating a lot of “art”.

And ultimately I wasn’t passionate about it.

About this time, I rediscovered something I’d always loved . . . 

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