Life happens. Plans change.

In 2012, as a result of some life challenges, my wife and I decided to leave the “big city” and move to the country. I’d always been a country boy at heart, even though I’d lived my entire life in the “burbs”.

We’d planned on retiring to “the farm” when we bought the land decades ago, we just didn’t plan on moving this soon. I finished up the last book I was working on and turned in the art. Then turned my focus to moving.

I designed our new house and we built it on 82 acres of land we loved. I created my dream studio (just a few steps from the house), with an 13 foot north facing window that now looks out over my wind-spinner hill, the ponds and my hardwoods and pines.

During construction I didn’t paint for more than 9 months since we were living in our small guest cabin. It was a sabbatical of sorts. By the time we moved in, I was itching to get back to the easel. I’d not painted for that long a stretch – ever.

I completed new commissioned paintings and started more paintings. It felt good!

I also realized I had a larger canvas now. I’d always loved landscape design and gardening, now I had a really BIG space to design and create what I wanted. So I got a new girlfriend – a big red tractor. Her name is Mary Anne.

My wife jokes that I’m a landscape artist both inside the studio and out. Maybe, only the palette is different and the brushes may be bigger! I sculpted our land. Designed and built – not just 1, but 2 – ponds with a creek connecting them. More projects are on my to-do list, too.

And now, here I am, living the dream.

I am and always will be an artist. And I’m back to my first love, painting fine art. I’ve redesigned my website. Gone are the children’s books (although you can still get them on Amazon).

I’m back to my roots, back to my passion, creating art for people like you. Mostly painting landscapes, but also portraits and other things that call to me.

Through all of this I’ve realized what I really like to do is create something from nothing. There’s a world of beauty out there, I really don’t have to make it all up – it’s there when we just open our eyes and really see.

These days I’m all about living a more relaxed, creative life. One full of wonder, beauty and glorious light. Appreciating and capturing the beauty GOD’s created for us. I plan to chase the light and capture it, with paint!

It’s a wonderful journey . . . won’t you join me?