Moonrise Whispers


I love it when a harvest moon rises slowly over the treetops. Night is falling and all the night creatures are beginning to stir. Frogs have begun chirping and the whippoorwills are starting to call to each other. As you walk down the trail, you might see the flicker of lightning bugs as they flit around the edge of the woods. Soon it will be moon bright and you’ll have no problem finding your way. It’s a moonlight serenade.

24″ x 24″

Oil on archival panel

In stock


Additional Information

  • This oil painting is on 2” gallery-depth cradled archival panel with the painting extending around the sides
  • Guarantee: Your painting is 100% guaranteed with a 7–14 day, no questions asked return and exchange policy; includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Framing: A frame isn’t necessary, your painting will arrive ready to hang (but if you wish to frame, that’s okay, too)
  • Shipping: Typically ships in 2-3 business days
  • Care: Avoid hanging your painting in direct sunlight

Special requests: Contact Layne for special requests such as rush shipping, gift wrap, or a painting customized just for you:


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