Still Waters

Threadgill Creek doesn’t look too deep but if you were to dip your foot in you’d realize the clear water is much deeper than it appears.

From the well-known Psalm of David, Still Waters are what many people seek these days. Green pastures as well.

This painting has a very definite mood of anticipation. You can smell ozone as the late afternoon rain approaches. Suddenly there is a flash of lightning. The roll of thunder will follow soon. The cleansing rain will make the countryside’s color come even more alive.


30″ x 24″

Original oil on panel


Available at The Dutch Art Gallery


  • This original oil painting is on a 1 ½” gallery-depth archival panel; painting extends around all sides
  • Available at The Dutch Art Gallery
  • Contact Pam Massar for purchase inquiries or questions (214-348-7350)

Special requests: Contact Layne for special requests, including a painting customized just for you: