Storm Approaching

You smell moisture in the late summer breeze. Hear that distant thunder? There’s energy in the air!

As the big thunderhead blossoms higher and higher, you know what will be coming. Sleepy Fitzhugh Creek will churn with fallen rain. You can see where previous storms have deposited treetops and limbs. Such power.

This is the magic and majesty of the Texas Hill Country.


40″ x 30″

Original oil on panel


Available at The Dutch Art Gallery.




  • Original oil painting is on a 2 1/4” gallery-depth archival cradled panel; painting extends around all sides
  • Available at The Dutch Art Gallery
  • Contact Pam Massar for purchase inquiries or questions (214-348-7350)

Special requests: Contact Layne for special requests, including a painting customized just for you:


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